We believe your business is your God given gift to impact the world!

 { Integrate your faith in business and become more profitable and purposeful through the work you do }

Grow Your Christian Business!
Marketing and sales strategies that work.

How The Christian Business Academy Helps You Boost Your Business!

We Strive To Make Your Business Thrive!

Our mission is to help business owners, entrepreneurs and solo professionals become more profitable and purposeful and achieve personal freedom to serve the people around you.

Through our community, training, coaching and consulting, you’ll no longer have to go at it alone trying to figure out the best ways to grow your business without engaging in questionable strategies or tactics often found in the business community.

Here are several ways we’re committed to serving you.

Christian Business Academy

Develop proven business, marketing and sales skills every month while having more clarity and purpose.

You’ll  also be surrounded by a thriving community of Christian businesses committed to helping each other thrive.

Business Growth Launchpad

Imagine where your business would be with someone navigating you to create real and lasting success.

Get the help, guidance and support you need to take your business to the next level while avoiding common business failures keeping you from a business you love.

Biz Accelerator Consulting

Do you have a growing business and know you can double or triple your results with the right support?

We’ll help you clarify and focus on the purpose of your business, and create the automation, marketing and sales strategies to help you reach it.

Why C.B.A. Was Founded?

“I searched for a place to interact with other Christian business professionals wanting to dramatically increase their business without compromising their faith… and didn’t find it. So God challenged me to create it.” 

Alex Navas | Founder of Christian Business Academy

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What Leaders Are Saying About The Christian Business Academy

Alex has consistently shown up powerfully in the group he leads that I am a member of. He has strong leadership, direction and marketing knowledge which he freely shares to entrepreneurs working to increase their marketing reach and their social imprint in their target market.


Because of Alex’s coaching, I now have a clearly identifiable focus for my business, as well as a practical strategy for obtaining real results. But, most importantly, I now have a confidence to do business that I did not have prior to being coached by Alex. That confidence has produced tangible, measurable, financial results.


Alex, you are an amazing coach and I greatly appreciate your wisdom, specifically in the area of offer structuring. One piece of advice that you gave us led to a couple extra thousand dollars in revenue that we frankly wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Thanks so much for all you do!

Grow Your Christian Business!
Marketing and sales strategies that work.