Episode 4 – How To Publish, Promote And Profit From Your Own Book

Written by Alex Navas

Alex is the Founder of the Christian Business Academy and is a business growth coach who helps clients accelerate their revenue and business growth without compromising their faith and family lives.

Have you ever wondered if publishing a book can help you grow your business? Ever wonder what to do to promote your book once you publish it? Have you thought about how to increase your profits using a book?

If you said yes then today’s interview will be a treat. I had the privilege of interviewing the Ultimate Book Coach, Kristen Eckstein about how to effectively publish, promote and profit from a book in your business. In the interview, she revealed the biggest challenges authors or soon-to-be authors face when working with a publisher and what the best alternative is.

It makes perfect sense. If you’re going to publish your book, why not maintain control of the process and position your book for more profits. That’s exactly what Kristen shares on this episode of the Christian Business Breakthroughs show.

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