Expert Interviews With Laurie Beth Jones – A Purposeful Business

Written by Alex Navas

Alex is the Founder of the Christian Business Academy and is a business growth coach who helps clients accelerate their revenue and business growth without compromising their faith and family lives.

Listen in to this powerful interview with Laurie Beth Jones, best selling author of Jesus CEO, Jesus Life Coach, Jesus in Blue Jeans and other amazing books on the life and character of Jesus.



A few weeks ago, I had the privilege to be a guest on the podcast of one of my favorite authors, Laurie Beth Jones, talking about creating a purposeful business.

Both Laurie Beth and I are completely passionate about teaching entrepreneurs and small business owners how to create a purposeful business that allows them to not only have success in the business world but mainly in their personal and spiritual lives.

You see, I’ve been noticing more and more how many business and finance gurus are teaching success but then I come to find out their own personal finances are a mess, they’re recently divorced and they don’t have a true connection with their children. To me, that isn’t success at all.

Having A Successful And Purposeful Business MUST Support Your Successful And Purposeful Life!

Creating entrepreneurial or small business success isn’t enough. The fact is, you don’t have a business just to say you have a business.

Having a purposeful business requires you to decide to create a business that gives you more freedom in your life. That means serving people with what you offer, spending time with your loves ones, being the best spouse and parent you can be.

It also requires you to take your experience and help others out with your expertise. It forces you to evaluate why you’re really in business in the first place.

I hope you can start seeing the difference having a purposeful business can make in your life.

As I mentioned to you earlier, I did an interview all about the concept of having a purposeful business and I want to invite you to listen in below. It’s a short 15 minute interview but I’m sure you’ll get a lot of insights out of it.Once you hear it, please comment below and let me know the biggest revelation you got out of it to really create your very own purposeful business!

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  1. Pamela

    I appreciated the advice to commit to my business purpose, which then allows me to say “yes” or “no”! I forget I have the choice to say “no” 🙂

    • AlexNavas

      Thanks for your comment Pamela. Sometimes the No is the most powerful decision we could ever make. Blessings!

  2. Caroline

    Hello Alex, Thank you for sharing your insights. I have been on a similar journey for the last 2 years, leaving a very successful career in direct sales because I was frustrated more women couldn’t reach the levels of success they desired. I felt God calling me into a bigger role, but I first needed to understand why some women succeeded in business and others did not. It’s this knowledge that I will use to serve others, and help them live their higher purpose. It’s a lonely path, and after listening to your interview and reading more about your mission, I believe it was divine timing to have connected with you at this time. Again, thank you for sharing your wisdom and your heart!

    • AlexNavas

      Thank you for sharing your experience Caroline. Sometimes it’s our biggest frustrations that hint at the role God asks us to play in the lives of others. It’s those promptings that help us understand His heart in helping others break through those very limits.

      Appreciate your feedback and I look forward to connecting further.

  3. Donna

    Hello Alex, I started my business in the UK in 2013 because I wanted it to make enough money to start a charitable foundation to give away to meet needs. I realise this is a big ambition but if I aim big then who knows what the Lord and I can achieve together in this.

    Thank you for sharing the interview, it made me realise I should keep going with the business and not give up, I can spend time this week getting to grips with what the business can do for me.

    thanks again 🙂

  4. J. Michael Considine, Jr.

    July 14, 2015

    Dear Alex
    I am a practicing attorney who has been successful in many ways. I have been a teacher in China, have learned rudimentary Mandarin and saw God do great things. He has given me a vision to be involved in business around the world, make enough money to support my family, travel and help fulfill the Great Commission around the world. I was on a missions trip to Israel this year. I have worked to take action towards reaching this goal. I would like to go on 1-3 missions trips per year. But it is hard to find people who share this same vision.
    I listened to your interview and I admire what you are doing.
    I can be contacted at 215-564-4000. Let us use our time wisely. Thank you for what you are doing.


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