Episode 1 – Leslie Samuel Shares How To Build Your Audience With Blogging

Written by Alex Navas

Alex is the Founder of the Christian Business Academy and is a business growth coach who helps clients accelerate their revenue and business growth without compromising their faith and family lives.

Today was a big day for the Christian Business Academy.

It is is the first of many great interviews in our new show called the Enlightened Entrepreneurs Show where we’ll be interviewing amazing Christian entrepreneurs and business owners on some of their best business strategies along with diving into how they’re fusing their faith in business.

On this first interview of this brand new series I had the privilege to interview Leslie Samuel from BecomeABlogger.com. During the interview, Leslie shared some great insights about how he created not one, but two successful businesses with a blog being the platform he chose.

He shared 5 powerful tips that you too can start using to get more from blogging even if you’re starting from scratch.

Not only was this interview a great addition to the Christian Business Academy community, it was also done using Google Hangouts which was pretty fun too. That’s proof that you can do a lot in your business with tools that are freely and readily available (just a bonus tip).

Anyway, check out the video and comment below on your biggest takeaway from the interview.

Can’t see the video? Click here to watch the first episode of Enlightened Entrepreneurs Show with Alex Navas and Leslie Samuel.

Here’s a few key takeaways of my own:

  1. Choose a specific topic to blog about  that will differentiate you from everyone else.
  2. Create bite-sized, valuable content based on knowing your audience
  3. Consistency matters. It’s more important to post consistently than to drop in every now and then
  4. Create compelling calls to action to get your viewers to engage further
  5. Share your content everywhere. Don’t just keep posting more and more posts. Promote the posts you have.

Your turn. Comment below and share your takeaways.

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